For the latest Football News we found a website called Football 24-7 – Which offered the latest soccer / football news for the UK completely free of charge.

We tested the website on a desktop, Apple Imac as well as a Nokia phone and Ipad tablet. We found there were no significant issues, in addition we were not hounded by annoying adverts either. The Football 24-7 News website comes with a LUFC Loaded ranking of 10 out of 10 for fresh news, as well as mobile compatibility.

A screen shot of the website has been added below:

There are hundreds of individual Football News websites online, most dedicated to certain leagues and countries.  There don’t appear to be many that actually offer world wide football club news, this is definitely a niche area that should be exploited. Below is a list of some of our favorite Football / Soccer News websites, all live and all packed with useful news.

A List of Quality Football News Websites

We have listed below some useful Football Betting Club websites for our readers and fans to enjoy.

Useful Football Betting Websites List

The LUFC team will be adding to this useful Football News and Football Resource page every month, so please check back soon for more.

Alternatively if anyone of our readers has a useful and favorite Football themed website, please send us the details so we can add them to this page for others to share.